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About the Listed Sites:

The items offered on some of these sites and any posts found on my site may be in limited numbers, and /or time limited offers and can be taken down without notice at any time... so if you see something you like run get it! .. the designers and creators offer Gifts, hunt items or promos for free, cheapies, dollarbles or promotional priced, and can remove them at anytime.

You will also see fashion news from designers on new lines from all over SL on some Feeds, and please remember these are NOT freebies in some cases.

I would like to state I don't own or am in no way affiliated with the other bloggers other then I enjoy their awesome sites just like any one else. I'm just a fan like many.

If you would like your site added to the growing list please contact me for a add.

Most of all please support all of the designers because with out them.. Our SL would be nothing .. thank you